About Namadhu Chettinad

Namadhu Chettinad is a monthly journal in Tamil, launched in March 2015, with its Headquarters at Chennai, for a circulation in Tamilnadu and for abroad for the favour of Nagarathars.


To promote cultural, educational, economic and religious status of Nagarathars and effectively pass it on to the generations to come.


  • To be a FORUM for knowing and participating in the activities of Nagarathars across the globe.
  • To be a BRIDGE for NRI Nagarathars to their native culture and religion.
  • To be a HELPHAND for the deserving people in education, marriage, medical and of living.
  • To be a CHANNEL for the people with a fortune and mind on their welfare activities.
  • To be a GUIDE to students to secure a position related to their education, skill and experience.
  • To be a GUARD to the old, woman destitute, the invalid, the penniless and the orphaned.
  • To be a TOOL for the youth to surge ahead with in their professions in the competitive world.
  • To be a STIMULI for the community to restore its heredity and be a beacon to the generations to come.
  • To be a PLATFORM for the Nagarathars to come together across the world.
  • To form a TRUST to monitor and execute the above activities.

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